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The School of Constructive Arts is a field-school teaching design, building, and ecology in the desert environment through direct participation and experimentation.

Our approach combines ancestral knowledge of natural materials and natural energy with new technology and contemporary building techniques to derive sustainable models of building and living for our time.

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1316 Snake Road
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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible.

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We live in constructed environments and their quality affects every aspect of our lives. As we transform the Earth more hastily, our actions are threatening the very balances that sustain all life. The School of Constructive Arts believes we have everything we need to correct these dangerous patterns, but we must change the way we think and build.

The School of Constructive Arts will:

Don Bryant was a teacher, innovator, builder, farmer, and friend to many. Don taught himself principles of structural design and building from books and built many innovative structures on his land on the Terlingua Ranch. Don died in January of 2019 and willed that his land go toward forming a School dedicated to Architecture, Building, and the Environment. The School of Constructive Arts celebrates Don’s memory and carries forward his enthusiasm for building, teaching, and living in harmony with the desert.